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Hotdog Rotissere
Hot dog in a hurry. Hot dog demo.

Hotdog Rotissere

Hot dog rotisserie and bun warmer give you a lot of cooked hot dogs in a hurry. Clean fee optional, $25 clean fee or you return it clean.



Thel Dogeroo Hot Dog Rotisserie cooks the hot dogs using a broiler effect. As the rotisserie turns, the hot dogs pass under the broiler. This unit will hold 56 ho tdogs (8 per pound) and 26-30 hot dog buns in the top bun warmer. Cook time is approximately 20 minutes on high setting. Hot dogs must be fresh not frozen for best reuslts. Bun cabinet holds 26-30 buns (overfilling the bun cabinet could result in making the buns soggy). Tempered glass, rotisserie, juice tray all disassemble easily for cleaning. No tools are required. Easy to transport. This is a table top unit. Hot dogs will keep for hours on rotisserie if heat control is properly set.
Approximately 1 ½ quarts of water needs to be added into the water pan (about 5/8” deep). This will keep buns moist. Never overfill. Overfilling results in too much steam.
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