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Panning for Gemstones
8 foot sluice with pans sluice stone inspection sluice stoned and raw gems

Panning for Gemstones

Gemstone and Fossil mining in 3 steps:
Step 1
Select your spot at the 8 foot sluice set up. Select a sluice pan.
Step 2
Pour some of the mining rough in the screen bottom box.
Step 3
Dip the screen into the sluice and watch the water wash the soil away and find your gems, stone and fossils.



Suggested activity for outdoor school events, scout groups, town festivals, company picnics and church events. Great fundraiser!
We have a portable 8 foot sluice system, it includes: the water, pans and a bag of rough for each participant.  
Yo do nothing, we come in , set up the sluice equipment, an attendant will be you the whole time and at the end of the event we clean everything up and you would not even know we there. It is that simple. We ask only to have a water access for us to use.
includes 35 - 5 pound bags of rough, sluice system, set up and take down and one attendant. Plan on having the system for approximately 3 hours - start to finish, with approximately 7100-125 participants. It takes approximately 10 minutes per participant to clean the rough and find their treasures. More bags of rough available per request. Call if you have any further questions.
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