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Rock Wall Rigid
Rock Wall Climber

Rock Wall Rigid

2- Climber Mobile Rock Climbing Wall for your next event. Auto belay system, extremely safe! If you need a worker for your event please advise and we will send you the worker hourly rate for your event, but you can get workers and we provide a brief safety training that takes about 10 minutes.



2-Climber Mobile Climbing Wall is light enough to move by hand, narrow enough to fit through standard double-doors, and a shorter 18′ height makes this the only wall for indoor events. Inspired by our local Rock Mountains, this climbing wall takes its name from its well-defined center ridge that separates climbers and provides rugged aesthetics. This climbing wall looks, feels, and climbs like real rock.
Our exclusive Auto-Belay system and hydraulic lift ensure that the rock wall is safe and easy to operate, 153 ft² (14.2 M²) surface area for climbing, Defined, ridge-like climbing surface, Fiberglass surface for maximum strength, Hydraulic lift system to stand wall in place, 10 minute set-up time, 35 mph wind rating.
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