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Terms & Conditions

Inclement Weather Policy: If rain, Customer can cancel the inflatable 24 hours prior to the “rental period” and up to 2 hours before the estimated time of delivery. For instance, if Customer has a “rental period” that starts at PM, Customer has up until 10 am the day of delivery to cancel, and so forth with other “rental period” times. Any cancelations before the 24 hours or after the 2 hours, the Customer will not receive a refund or credit.  Any cancelations due to rain, the deposit money will be credited forward for another item. The credit can be used for up to one year of the original rental date. Tons of Fun reserves the right to cancel any rental items due to torrential weather conditions.

Cancelation Policy: Customer agrees that once they have placed their rental order with the deposit, Customer has 24 hours to cancel the order with a full refund. If an order is canceled anytime after the first 24 hours, Customer will not receive a refund. We normally have one of each inflatable and game items so once you reserve and put a deposit on your item it is yours to rent, if a customer calls and wants to reserve that item it is unavailable for them to rent. Please be 100% sure that you would like to make your reservation.

Equipment Problems: Should any equipment develop a problem, or does not function correctly at anytime during the rental period, or Customer does not understand the operating instructions, Customer agrees to immediately cease use of that equipment and call Tons of Fun during the rental period as listed on this agreement.

Signature: The rental agreement must be read and signed before any equipment is left at the event site or customer picks up a rental item at the shop.

Payment: We accept cash, money orders and debit/credit cards. We accept checks from businesses, churches and organizations. Payment is due before delivery or on delivery if you are paying cash It is very important for you to have your payment ready if it is due on delivery, this is important for us to remain on schedule, staying on schedule and assures rental items arrive on time for each customer’s event.

Delivery Charge: Free delivery is available for zip codes within 5 miles or 10-12 minutes travel time. Free delivery within the 5 mile area bouncers, combo units and small obstacle courses. We are located at zip code 40228 near Fern Valley and Outer Loop. Zip codes within 5 miles are: 40229, 40218, 40229, 40291, 40299 whereas 40056, 40210, 40272, 40245, 40241 are 25-35 to 55 minutes travel time without traffic problems. To calculate your delivery mileage go to Google maps.

Additional fees: Additional handling fees and delivery fees may be applied to orders with multiple items.  Please note that we do our best to keep additional fees to a minimum.














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